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Minneapolis Green Home Remodeling Trends: from Home Destination that help homeowners lower their home energy bills.

Minneapolis green home remodeling trends and  benefits

Homeowners are finding an increase in green product choices available for home remodeling projects and home maintenance. Improved selection particularly in faucets, toilets and showerheads is becoming a Minneapolis real estate trend and gaining national attention from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Green Home Remodeling For Savvy Homeowners

To start with, a green remodel is financially smart. New appliances, fixtures and windows can add up to a utility bill reduction and at the same time make your home more comfortable. Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy sourcing and even simple tankless water heaters are just a few design decisions that will green your remodeled home. Green home projects also protect the health and comfort of your family by eliminating many common toxins and providing a safe home. Materials with no- or low-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be requested, which is a very important factor in air quality for overall health, especially for children and those with respiratory sensitivities. Products and materials with no off-gassing give your home a highly desirable and easy to measure eco-conscious benefit.

Benefits Of Green Home Remodeling

* Healthier air quality in a home's interior

* Green remodels add value to your home investment

* May qualify homeowners for incentives and tax credits

* Energy efficient features can reduce month-to-month utility expenses

* Can make a home easier and less expensive to maintain products.

* Include energy efficiency options that are also good for the planet.

* May conform a home to regional conditions and natural landscaping

Green Home Remodeling And Healthier Air Quality

A Minneapolis green home remodeling trend is intentional to reduce health related problems caused or aggravated by mold, radon, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and toxic chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds). To achieve superior indoor air quality to protect families, a home remodeler will pay very close attention to a home’s moisture control systems, active radon management, building materials and finishing products installed. HVAC systems (heating, ventilating, air conditioning and filtration) and combustion venting systems are a few to mention. Remodeling a home with a green-friendly is forward thinking that a healthy home is all about protecting the health and welfare of the household.

Green Home Remodeling Statistics

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed home builders in a study to determine how widely used green home remodeling is across the Unites States.

low-emmisivity green energy efficient windows 87% of home remodelers surveyed by NAHB already incorporate ow-emissivity green energy efficient windows into home remodeling projects

upgrade existing home insulation 70% determine how much insulation and home needs and then upgrade existing home insulation to recommended R-levels.

install argon gas windows 60% install argon gas windows to create higher air quality in a home and to create a light-filled home that leans less on turning a light on.

green home remodeling uses alternatives to dimension lumber Over 80% of remodelers use alternatives to dimension lumber to minimize the amount of lumber

taken from old-growth forests, such as recycling from previous structures and using engineered lumber.

Energy Star®-rated kitche appliances 86% install Energy Star®-rated kitchen appliances.

recycled or recyclable materials 70% of remodelers already incorporate recycled or recyclable materials into their projects and are conscious of recycling construction site waste materials.

home buyers want green homes 72% of home buyers report energy efficient features in a home would influence which home they ended up buying.

 real estate buyers want to save on utility costs 61% of real estate buyers would spend more than $5,000 upfront to save on utility costs.

huge market for green home remodeling The U.S. has about 125 million single-family homes with the majority built before energy efficiency developments, suggesting a huge market for green remodeling.

Keep Track Of Green Home Remodeling Costs For Tax Breaks

Some homeowners face moving often and therefore do not have substantial home equity built up to take advantage of home improvement tax breaks. For homeowners who have lived in their home for a long period of time and have responsibly built up a sizable home equity position, there is good reason to keep track of what is spent on home improvements. By keeping a well document record of the home improvements, homeowner gain a return on investment through the increased cost basis which will decrease the amount of taxes to pay when it comes time to sell your Minneapolis home. Our government has increasingly found ways to encourage and increase green home remodeling benefits and incentives.

Minneapolis green homesHVAC Tax Credit FAQs for 2013

It's time to pay the tax man once again. Having worked through some "fiscal cliff" topics, homeowners have gained reinstatement of 25C Tax Credits for residential energy efficiency home improvements. Here is a partial list of Minneapolis home remodeling trends for projects that - when meeting qualifying parameters - will work for a green home remodeling tax credit:

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Home Builder

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Energy-efficient window replacements(material costs)

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by StateCentral Air conditioners

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Heat Pumps

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Specific circulating combined with a qualifying furnace

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Home roof replacement (material costs)

Foreclosure laws vary a great deal by State Kitchen stoves that use qualified biomass fuel

"We have a special responsibility to confront the challenges of climate change, not only through academic research but by transforming the way we operate. By constructing more-efficient buildings and renovating older buildings to make them greener, we are reducing energy use, cutting harmful greenhouse gas emissions. and improving the teaching and working environment for our entire community." ~ Harvard University

Harvard's Outlook Green Remodeling Trends

While energy efficiency is a high priority, homeowner also showing a growing interest in responsible environmental sustainability. Harvard's recent survey of remodeling contractors indicated that high-efficiency toilets, low- or no-VOC paints, and mold-resistant gypsum wall panels are among the most popular green products used in green home remodeling projects. "In 2012, the share of remodeling revenues from projects promoting environmental sustainability (24 percent) approached the share from projects designed to increase energy efficiency (32 percent)." according to the housing study results. Most homeowners green remodeling projects achieve multiple goals, and they benefit from a higher quality of home-life as well.

According to the American Housing summary by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, luxury homeowners and those who hire professional remodelers are more likely to install energy-efficient products and services in their existing homes. Nearly 50 percent of these projects that resulted in a tax refund exclusively used professional remodelers as the preferred installation method.

Harvard's Outlook For The Home Improvement Industry

Another research project, the JCHS National Green Remodeling Survey conducted in 2012, found that while energy efficiency was the leading green- or sustainability-related goal for consumers, other environmental sustainability objectives were also important. The survey reported that 32 percent of homeowners cited “energy efficiency” as the main reason for the home improvement project. Twenty-four percent indicated “environmental sustainability other than energy efficiency” as the reason for the project.

Minneapolis Green Remodeling Trends - Fluorescent Lights And Insulation Upgrades

Results indicated that fixtures for compact fluorescent lights and alternative insulation materials were the most popular type of energy-efficient projects. Low- or no-VOC paints and high-efficiency toilets ranked highest for non-energy-related environmental sustainability green home remodeling projects. Finally, high-performance glazed windows and tankless water heaters ranked highest for duel-functioning home projects that combined green energy-efficiency and non-energy-related sustainability goals.

Good News For Green Homes

The good news is you can have a new construction home built that is safer, healthier, and radon-resistant home from the ground up. The techniques to prevent radon from entering a home are practical and straightforward for any builder to incorporate along with green building materials. Think of it this way, it is an inexpensive alternative to offer families to reduce their risk of lung cancer, or other air-borne health risks.

Home Remodeling Projects That Update To Green Flooring

Heat, water, weathering or aging can impact a home's flooring to the point where it is considered "friable". Friable flooring is when any material containing more than 1 percent asbestos has deteriorated to where it can be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to powder with hand pressure. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends using a licensed asbestos contractor to remove asbestos-containing flooring during home improvements. Harmful components are commonly found in older floor tiles and vinyl floor sheeting (Linoleum). They need to be removed safely while a homeowner is installing new carpets, tile or hardwood green-friendly flooring.

making home improvement decisions  Whether you’re a homeowner on the cusp of making home improvement decisions or planning things to do before you sell, there are green resources and information that can help you sort through the options available. Call Home Destination at 612-396-7821 for individual help buying or selling a green home.

Download NAHB's surveyed home builder results in the NAHB Green Home Remodeling Fact Sheetpdf

Download Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University Environmentally Sustainable Green Homespdf

Download Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard university Outlook For The Home Improvement Industry pdf

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