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5 more energy efficient green home projects

Jeannie Hill - Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Energy Efficient Green Home Projects: use the right flooring, insulation, paint and trees to green up your home5 more energy efficient green home projects

5 Top  Energy Efficient Green Home Remodeling Projects For Homeowners That Increase Your Home's Appeal To Buyers

benefits of home insulation for energy efficiency Without insulation, a home's hot-water pipes may actually act as a gigantic radiator allowing the heat to quickly escape. Insulate exposed pipes easily by encasing them in rubber or polyethylene foam tubes. The tubes come with an adhesive-coated slit down the middle. A homeowner can ease them over the pipe and press the ends closed. Seal the seams with duct tape. Tests show that insulation can double the cool-down time in 1/2-inch pipe and triple it in 3/4-inch pipe. Total project costs may run around $60 - $65, without labor time included.

green project 2 Use non-toxic paint. Compared with outdoor air, indoor air is known to be 2 to 5x more polluted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are commonly found in paints, stains and glues. Many homeowners don't realize that when these products dry, they release unwanted chemicals and continue to do so for years. These toxic chemicals can exacerbate allergies and asthma, and can give headaches and nausea to individuals who do not suffer from allergies or asthma. Home Destination recommends homeowners can opt for "low VOC" paint, natural stains and formaldehyde-free glue, which generally cost a few dollars more per container, or even considerably more, like for Fine Paints Of Europe. However the upfront costs are most often recouped in less maintenance and the longer life of the projects thats eliminates too frequent re-peat painting costs.

green project 3 Use floors that are covered in wood from a sustainable forest. Consider a new hardwood floor with earth-friendly ideals. There's are plenty of sustainable hardwood flooring products to choose from. Ask for "certified wood flooring", "suppressed wood flooring", or "reclaimed wood flooring".

green project 4 Plant trees on the south, east, and west sides of your home to increase it's value. Depending on the variety and size you choose, in two- five years, they may provide enough shade to minimize running your air conditioner as much. When the trees are fully mature, you could save as much as 40 % on your cooling costs. Trees are also great at combating the "heat island" effect that occurs in urban areas due to concrete and asphalt absorbing and adding to the heat index.

green project 5 Contact a home re-modeler to install a programmable thermostat. During the winter homeowners can set it to turn off the heat at the day's end, switch it back on in time for a warm wake-up. In the summer use the same technique to same on home cooling costs.

Energy Efficient Green Home Products Homeowners

Environmentally sustainable projects are also a growth market, not only because of the recent volatility of home energy costs but also because of increasing interest in broader green objectives, including healthy home. Increasingly home buyer wish lists include energy efficient features that help sell a home. When you are considering your next home renovation project, ask your home builder about how to make it a "green home project".

TJCHS National Green Remodeling Survey conducted in 2012, found that while green energy efficiency was the leading green- or sustainability-related goal for homeowners who engage green remodeling projects, other environmental sustainability objectives were also important. The survey reported that 32 percent of homeowners cited “energy efficiency” as the main reason for the home improvement project. Twenty-four percent indicated “environmental sustainability other than energy efficiency” as the reason for the project. Increasingly, homeowners, who plan to sell their homes in the near future, are finding it wise to pay more attentions to prospective buyer pools who are seeking greener homes.

Whether you’re a homeowner on the cusp of making home improvement decisions or planning things to do before you sell, there are green resources and information that can help you sort through the options available. Call Home Destination at 612-396-7821 for individual help buying or selling a green home

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