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things to know before building a new home

Jeannie Hill - Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things To Know Before Building A New Homethings to know before building a new home

Families of newly constructed homes usually have great advice for they would do better next time. And most who later sell the home they built find real estate buyers like a flexible floor plan. If you are planning to build a new home, you can choose options that work well immediately while planing for your family's future need at the same time. Flexibility is one strongest advantages of buying new  construction and good to plan well and maximize it. Building in selected forward-thinking features can ease to adapt you r home and enjoy it more as your family change. Or it can make it easier to sell your home if moving and becoming a move up buyer turns out to be the best alternative.

Pre-plan And Set Your Budget

Being clear as how much you can afford to spend and how much building your new home is likely to cost will leave you confident you can make your monthly house payment on time. Most families will need a construction loan and a home mortgage. It's not too early to find out what how much you qualify for and how soon you can buy and gain a quality home loan. Additionally, knowing the approximate costs will help you modify your building plans to meet your budge and stay on target to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Prepare Plumbing and Electrical For Later Expansion Plans

If you are planning to build your dream home in stages, roughed-in plumbing and electric for an eventual attic or basement bathroom and kitchenette at the point of initial construction. If you don’t have the resources now, this is a great way to prepare for the future, putting you one step ahead. This extra living space not only could accommodate elderly parents or children returning home for a season, but will increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell. If you can site your home now to accommodate for a bigger footprint when you are ready to complete the next building phase, planning  to run conduit through exterior walls for future electrical and plumbing needs which be simpler to do from the onset.

Plan To Maximize Your Garage Space With Multipurpose Functions

A well-organized garage that that multitask is highly valued by new home buyers. A double-deep garage - at least at one end that can fit three cars now, but can be walled-off later to add indoor space for a mother-in-law apartment, workshop, exercise room or bathroom.

Plan Your Kitchen for Future Updates

You may decide to build more features in into your kitchen pantry later, but for today add extra plug-ins for charging, or for items that may end up living there to free up your counter space and help you gain a well organized kitchen with tons of storage. Don't forget to design a broom cupboard in pantry or laundry room to tuck all the cleaning items out of view and reach of younger children, but handy for routine cleanings.

Master Bedroom Closets

Many homeowners have looked back after building a home and wished they had included more outlets inside closets. According to Realtor's 2013 Home Buyer Preference Survey, 86 percent of home buyers what a full-size walk-in master bedroom closet that is fully equipped for an organized busy lifestyle. The number of closets and the size of closets continues to grow in real estate trends for architectural home designs. Consider installing several 4-plug outlets versus as many of all 2-pluggers. The number of closets and the size of closets continues to grow in real estate trends for architectural home designs. Talk to your home builder about installing several 4-plug outlets versus as many of all 2-pluggers. By the time you have a bedside lamp on each side of a bed, plus a plug-in radio alarm clock, plus a plug-in base to recharge your cordless phone; it all adds up to lots of outlets. For a tidy home for the on-the-go family, it is great to leave a vacuum plugged in, inside a closet, and just grab it and do quick run across the rugs.

Home Buyers Prefer An Eat In Kitchen

Larger, luxury homes are still opting for the formal dining room for entertaining and special family gathers. However, there is a change in real estate trends for 2013 showing that as families stay home more, they prefer a clearly defined area for eating right in the kitchen. Add a bay window for a naturally light-filled kitchen and you will find family and guest loving to hang out in the kitchen area as it is so practical.

Research Neighborhood Real Estate Market And Crime Rate

learn about the neighborhood's real estate market details. Talk with local home sellers, your agent, home builders, etc about what anti-crime features they suggest you install in the home while it is being built. Prepare for any upgrades, or changes you’ll want to make at a later time if you determine more security is needed. If crime rates are notable, you may want to build a larger garage and avoid the need to park your vehicles outside.

Talk to People In The Neighborhood You Plan To Build In

Be bold to engage in neighborhood conversations. Attend a local event, a neighborhood watch group, historic society meeting, local artists event, or ask questions of the city council. Get out there and do as many informational gathering interviews as possible. People love to talk about themselves, their homes and what works well for the location. Some are even flattered when asked for thier opinion. Not sure who to meet? Ask locals if they have recommendations for you.

Questions To Ask Neighbors Before You Build A Home:

how much insulation should you build your home with how much insulation they need for a winter tight home and low energy bills?

how much daylight exposure they get before you put in window how much daylight exposure they get before you put in windows and want to maximize Twin Cities daylight?

how quiet the neighborhood is from nearby traffic how quiet the neighborhood is from nearby traffic to determine set back levels?

built-in home security systems how many neighbors currently have built-in home security systems that are wired with an alarm that can be armed, disarmed and video monitored remotely?

Read the full article on Tips When Building A Twin Cities Home.

An experienced builders knows the life of a new home is an agile journey, and will have valuable advice to help you build right, adding features you can install now that will make life easier when it comes time to add the amenities you want but determined not to take on initially. If you decide to buy a preexisting Minneapolis home for sale, give me a call and I can help you get started.

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Anonymous commented on 18-Oct-2013 05:30 PM
Remember to set your home asking price based on the traffic levels in your corner of the Minneapolis real estate market. Your profits will be the difference of the price for which your home sold at the balance of what you still owed. When we bought our home in Minneapolis, we were surprised at all the additional costs at closing.
Latisha Kellum commented on 29-Oct-2013 09:51 AM
I treasure the content on your web site- good to know what to do before building a new Twin Cities homes. Thanks a lot.

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