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tips to increase your homes square footage

Jeannie Hill - Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tips To Increase Your Home's Square Footage

which home remodeling projects sell your home

Home Destination offers cozy and delightful ideas to get the most out of your home's living space.

Big Potential in Small Spaces

If you are planning to sell your home soon, consider what home buyer are desiring.

 Even seemingly insignificant spaces can be transformed into stylish and functional uses. Hire a home remodeler or simply borrow our tips for storage solutions and spaces for all the challenging small spaces in your home. From savvy furniture selection to organization skills, we have space-savvy suggestions for how to increase your home's square footage.

Homeowner Want More Square Footage

One top real estate trend is that homeowner are seeking more square footage in their homes as the residential market continues to gain solid improvements. On top of high-end and custom homes getting bigger, additions to existing mid-sized homes are up. As consumer confidence in the housing recovery increases,  residential architectural firms are busier than ever, according to the American Institute of Architects.

Space Gained By Transforming A Home's Attic Space Gained By Transforming A Home's Attic

Attics can be better utilized that being left empty or becoming a glorified closet space. Consider converting it into a useful home office, playroom or get-a-way space. Designing the room with smaller scale furniture and adding skylights will add to the room's warmth and make it look like it is larger.

Fill Rooms With Double Functioning Furniture Fill Rooms With Double Functioning Furniture

Quirky spaces often better preform with one piece of furniture doubling for two instead of several smaller ones. A home avoids visual clutter by gaining two practical uses out of one item. Consider an elegant antique daybed for the perfect afternoon nap getaway or for that extra guest when your home needs to expand for the night.

Tend To Your Home's Exterior Pull-Out Couches

When purchasing a couch, if your home needs that "flexible size" of a guest bedroom, a couch that opens into a spare bed can meet the need.

Liven Up The Corners Of Your Home Liven Up The Corners Of Your Home

Little notice corners in a room are getting big attention. Fabulous finds can be found in antique shops and creative furniture stores offering a few well-placed bold pieces of furniture meant to fit in a corner. Look for tables, bookshelves, and even couches that have that corner "90 degree angle" right in their midst. A small-scale armchair and ottoman may be used to team up and transform a corner into a cozy reading area.

A built-In Window Seat Maximizes A Home's Space A built-In Window Seat Maximizes A Home's Space

Whether in a small kitchen nook or in a stair landing, a built-in window seat can create storage space and double as a seating where your family and guests will want to linger. Transform a few feet of floor space into practical functional use, a a brightly colored cushion and a few fun toss pillows that pick up the room's theme or accent colors.

A built-In Window Seat Maximizes A Home's Space Add Luxury Accessories

Adding just one or two luxury items to a room can give it the punch that expands the rooms statement and capacity. Chandeliers don't need expansive spaces yet may add great taste and light that seems to open up a room in a way that expands its size, without actually adding new square footage. Hang light colored or sheer drapes that run from the ceiling to the floor to suggest space beyond the window frame as if there were a wall of windows rather than one singular window opening up the room.

A built-In Window Seat Maximizes A Home's Space Add A Bay or Box Window

Bump out a room by a few feet to add a bay or boxed window, adding square footage and tons of fresh daylight to open up a room. Or work with what exists and consider a creative approach for a space. A window alcove can boast of a long, narrow table that creates a platform for a vignette display while adding concealed storage beneath a simple skirt. The table spans across the space, but because it is narrow, it doesn't occupy floor space needed by rest of the room.

"We've seen over the past few years, an increased interest in seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces and building in more informal spaces into homes. Because lot sizes don’t show any signs of increasing, it’s clear that homeowners want to maximize their current square footage to its highest potential, as opposed to increasing it." ~ AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker.

Read the full article on How To Maximize A Home's Square Footage. Call me at 612-396-7832 if you are ready to stage your home before listing it. Doing your best ahead of time to make your home look spacious and inviting will attract willing real estate buyers.

Jenna Thuening, a Jenna Thuening, owner of Home Destination Twin Cities residential Realtor offers tips on how to increase your home's square footage.

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