Minneapolis Real Estate Buyers: Twin Cities Home Buyers Gain Help for Buying a House in Minneapolis

Buying a home is one of the most exciting experiences of our lives. Whether you are a first time buyer, seeking new construction, or looking for a condo to downsize, Home Destination can help.

Home Destination is a Minneapolis-based real estate agency helping real estate buyers in the Greater Minneapolis / St Paul area.

Home Destination Helps Minneapolis Real Estate Buyers: find Minneapolis homes for sale at bargain prices.Minneapolis Real estate buyers gain help for buying a house in Minneapolis.

Between 1985 and 2000, U.S. real estate buyers spent an average of about 20 percent of their household income on mortgage payments. That percentage increased to more than 24 percent by 2006, before falling to just 13 percent by the second quarter of 2012. If a real estate buyer can qualify for a home loan, the combination of low rates and low prices means your home-buying dollar will continue to take you farther in 2013 than in recent years, even for buyers on modest budgets.

Real estate buyers are wise to consideration the location of the home first that they are considering to buy. Even if you fall in love with a home for sale, keep in mind that your location preferences may change over the years. What's important to you right now may not be so important if your children complete school, your job changes or something else reconfigures the buying equation for you.

A home buyer's decision about their home will shape their future in many ways. It will determine how much time we spend in our automobiles, the kind of education our children will receive, our sense of security and for most of us, how much money we have left to spend on other things.

Buying Trends in Twin Cities Real Estate January 2015

• Home buyers can find Twin Cities’ real estate listing at great home affordability price points. The housing affordability index currently runs 191, that is to say that the median household income is 91 percent higher than needed wage earning to qualify for the median-priced home at today’s interest rates, according to housing data from Northstar MLS.

• Downtown Minneapolis has a high number of newly constructed condominiums on the market. There is clearly a real estate boom happening especially around the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Predictions are that this location will become even more in demand from prospective Minneapolis home buyers as that work nears completion.

• Low mortgage interest rates are expected to continue in 2015, making it possible for higher numbers of millennial generation home buyers to afford a home purchase. Expect interest rates to possibly climb by 5.0 percent this year.

Buying A home Is One Of The Best Investments You May Ever Make!

Home equity remains the largest single savings opportunity most Americans experience. Tax incentives for homeowners, and the ability to tap into home equity if the need arises remain a strong benefit to real estate buyers. Buying a home is a wise and prudent investment for most families, it is still the American dream, the privilege of owning a home that you call your very own. Slow, steady home appreciation has been the rule most homeowners could count on over our nation's real estate history; having provided many real estate investors the stable wealth they were seeking. They purchased homes by very carefully analyzing the appreciation potential of their investment, and they bough homes as an invested for the long term. You can too. Even if you plan on living in your home just a few years, you should consider your buying power carefully so it will have increased it's property value when you put it back on the market.

This is an exciting real estate time full of buyer opportunities! Today's economy has created a buyer's market that may work to your advantage. With Jenna Thuening's knowledge, Home Destination can help you experience it as the best times in decades to be investing in a home and in your future. Mortgage rates are low, housing inventories are high and sellers are motivated to sell.

Talk To The Neighbors Before Buying A House in Minneapolis

One of the greatest services Home Destination offers is a free, no cost, no obligation, consultation to discuss and suggest various areas of the cities that can meet your needs. As a professional Realtor® , Jenna Thuening spends hours each week going into homes in different communities, talking to the owners and finding out what they like and don’t like about their communities and you can have this experience for free. Call me or fill out our buyer's quote form and email it to me. I will set up a time with you so we can discuss one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. You can find buying a house in Minneapolis may be easier than you think.

Jenna Thuening is specialized in selling homes in the Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Wayzata, Eden Prairie and Chaska school districts, among many others. Living in these neighborhoods and having started local neighborhood associations, give Jenna the advantage of understanding what is going on in real estate inside and out. Her straight forward no nonsense approach to selling real estate has consistently placed her among the top awarded agents with RE/MAX in Minnesota over the last 20 years. Her continual love for learning and helping others has given her extensive real estate knowledge and cutting edge marketing strategies that successfully places her clients’ home details in front of the right buyer. It is very rewarding to make the Twin Cities real estate buying process seamless and stress free! Twin Cities home buyers can gain:

Home Destination's understands what Minneapolis real estate buyers want:

Twin Cities home buyers A better understanding of today's real estate market

real estate buyers A wise perspective of where the market may be going

Minneapolis home buyers want 3 Excellent and experienced negotiating skills

Twin Cities buyers want 4 A faster response time from your agent

Minnetonka buyers want 5 No reason to fear the closing process

Tip 6 More assistance navigating your mortgage approval

Minneapolis real estate buyers An expert leading you through the process of buying distressed properties

Results from the 2011 National Association of Home Builders' survey suggest that today's buyers are looking more for efficiency, community, and a stable location, than a home's square footage.

How To Get Started Becoming A Real Estate Buyer

Over 4 million prospective homeowners were able to successfully buy a home with a quality loan in 2012, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, it additionally states that the typical American home turns over homeowners every nine years. Debt.org offers great information to prospective real estate buyers buying a house on how to get started. Call me to gain addional resources tailored to fit your personal situation as your seek to buy a house in Minneapolis.

Download the 2011Real Estate Buyers Manualpdf provided by the State of Indiana for tons of useful real estate buyer information.

Prospective Home Buyers Need Reasonable Credit History

It all starts with having a steady job, and a reasonable credit history, then prospective home buyers gain a good chance to find a home lender who will lend you most of the purchase price of your dream house. Home loans are called "mortgages," which is one of the bigger decisions and transactions many individuals make in a lifetime. The term "mortgage" comes from a Latin phrase meaning "pledge unto death." While lenders don't take your promise to pay quite that seriously, banks, like anyone, expect to get repaid on time. Remember, lenders take an ownership interest in your house until the loan is paid in full.

Home mortgage loans are typically offered in amounts of 80%, 90% and 95% of the price you are paying for the house. You are expected to pay the remaining amount in cash from your own savings, rather than by some other means. Lenders have lower risks the lower the percentage of your loan request is in proportion to the home's value.

What Home Buyers Can Expect For Mortgage Terms

Home loans are generally available to be repaid over terms of usually 15, 20 or 30 years. The shorter your term loan is generally is one component determining a slightly lowered interest rate, so if you can afford the higher monthly payments. You will save in interest costs by choosing the 15 year loan. At today's interest rates, a 15 year loan costs about 27% more than a 30 year loan in terms of your monthly payment. Even when lending is tight, it's often better financing than you can get on just about any other investment. Buying a house in Minneapolis may prove to be your best investment in years to come.

Minneapolis Home Buyers Using Contract For Deed

With tighter lending standards, the City of Minneapolis is seeing a rise in the number of individuals who are willing to risk a contract for deed to purchase their home. Legislators are concerned as it promotes house flipping with a high new occupancy changes and fewer protections for the buyers. unregulated contracts for deed are fueling housing fraud in areas like north Minneapolis, where foreclosed homes come cheap. Read more about contract for deed home buyers in Minneapolis.

Real Estate Buyers With Flexible Search Criteria Do Best

NOTE: In today's bustling Twin Cities real estate market you shouldn't miss the opportunity to own a home. The more flexible a real estate home buyer can be in their search criteria, the easier it will be to find a suitable home even if Twin Cities housing inventory is low. If you're not able to find exactly what you want, be prepared to compromise. A good real estate agent will challenge your priorities occasionally to see if they have changed. If you're not finding the ideal home, choose one that comes closest to meeting your needs and buy it with the idea of moving in a few years. Just be sure you buy a home that will be easy to resell, when the time comes. Keep an open mind and try to see a home past glaring faults and visualize it's potential. Of course, this tactic is best for those who plan to buy and fix-up a home versus finding it in move-in condition.

Jenna Thuening, a Certified Distressed Property Expert, has years of experience and expertise in your local real estate market. Jenna's real estate awards and years serving the real estate industry speak of her dedication and passion to help real estate buyers find their dream home destination. Read more about buying real estate foreclosures and distressed properties. Jenna offers skilled, experienced, and is passionate about helping Minneapolis residential investors and real estate buyers. If you would like a Buyer’s Consultation, contact Jenna Thuening of Home Destination at 612-396-7832.

Download The Home Buyers Guide provided by Realtor.com pdf

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