Real Estate Sellers: Tips from Home Destination

Jenna Thuening's, a Minnesota’s award winning Realtor helps Twin Cities listings selling faster and for more money than the industry averages. Read about how Twin Cities home sellers can buy another home. Consider Home Destination's home renovation tips for home sellers to use in preparation for listing you home on the market.

real estate sellersHome Destination Helps Twin Cities Real Estate Sellers - Selling Your Home

Home Destination helps sellers of distressed properties, underwater homes, and properties likely reduced in price due to foreclosure or short sale. We have sold many traditional Twin Cities homes over the years, and each one has its own unique story. A home is such a personal choice; we help Minneapolis real estate sellers make well-informed decisions each step in from the initial call for guidance through your successful home closing.

If you are selling your home, start referring to it as a "house"- for a good reason. Buying a home is often an emotional decision, but when selling your home, begin by removing your emotions from the mix. Rather, think of your house as a marketable commodity. Property. Real estate. Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, with their belonging and family in it. If you do not consciously make this decision, homeowners sometimes inadvertently create a situation where they stagnate the sale of the house.

Jenna Thuening is a Certified Distressed Property Expert providing relocation counseling, personal attention, and a real estate sellers market expertise in the Minneapolis area. We help sellers understand the difference between price and value. Your home's price is the amount you are asking for the property; value is buyer perceived.

The buyers perception of value is influenced by many factors such as location, features, repairs needed, area schools, comparison to other purchase option, etc. By attending to details that can have a positive impact on the real estate seller's home value, a significant increase in chances of attracting qualified residential buyers willing to pay the asking price can be achieved.

Hot Twin Cities Sellers Market

Minneapolis is in the spotlight as the place to be in the real estate world, particularly if you are a seller. Interest rates are rising, but still affordable to be in the real estate world, in particular if you are a , creating new opportunities in the market for both buyers and Twin Cities real estate sellers. Housing inventory is at a shortage, giving sellers the driving seat in negotiations. According to Minneapolis housing market blog, The Skinny, housing inventory decreased by 14% in July, while new listings increased by more than 25%. With Minneapolis’s already low inventory, buyers are eager to pounce on new listings and sellers are becoming shrewder, carefully combing through multiple purchase offers.

ABC Eyewitness News 5 reports that homes are selling for 10% and 15% over the home's listing price.

Real Estate Sellers Find Both First-time Homebuyers And Veteran Investors

Single-family homes isn’t the only area experiencing the a strong selling pace. Veteran residential investors are additionally putting money into the commercial real estate market at a pace that has commanded national attention. Condos, multi-family housing units and commercial property are the hottest in the investment real estate arena. "Some investors are buying new properties weekly - and paying with cash," commented Jenna Thuening.

While the Twin Cities housing market is still in recovery mode, the metro's recovery progress is hot with no housing bubble on the horizon, which is a great boost of confidence for Twin Cities home sellers who may be reluctant that this is a repeat of the national housing bust of 2008.

Real Estate Sellers Find Both First-time Homebuyers And Veteran Investors

With the ongoing lack of housing supply, due to homeowneres trapped by negative equity, steady demand will push home mortgage rates up further in coming years. Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff told CNBC that means it'll be more expensive to buy a home at a given price in the future versus now. Rascoff explains: "If you have any equity in your home and you’re thinking about selling in the next couple of years, [it's] probably best to sell now, even though home values are continuing to rise."

Use our sellers mortgage worksheet to look at the cost of buying a $300,000 home today; in four years if you wait to sell your home to move-up to a $500,000 home, that home is not just priced that much higher, but because home mortgage rates are going to be higher, it will be significantly more expensive. So the move-up home sellers may find it more challenging in a couple of years.

When you’re ready for an exceptional home selling or buying experience, contact me, Jenna Thuening, at 612-396-7832 to talk about how I can best serve you. Or you may visit my website, Home Destination for current Twin Cities housing market news and real estate resources. Whether your interest is in top Minneapolis real estate or the surrounding communities of Edina, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie or Minnetonka homes for sale, we will work to ensure results.

Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Has a Higher Success Rate

Some homeowners make the decision to try and sell their own properties; however, a 2012 national poll by HomeGain suggests having a real estate agents improves a person's odds of offloading their home. HomeGain is an online marketing solutions provider for real estate agents. The firm oversaw a survey of 400 homeowners and ran from July 31 through Aug. 10, 2012. Finding after asking real estate sellers whether they attempted to sell their homes on their own or through an agent include:

* 66% of homeowners who utilized the services of a Realtor successfully sold their home — while only 30% of those who attempted to sell their own properties were successful.

* 22% of those who attempted to list properties on their own eventually enlisted the help of a real estate agents.

* Of those homeowners, who list first themselves and then use a Realtor, 55% were eventually able to sell their home.

Read the concluding article published by HomeGain on August 24th and title "Why the Words “For Sale by Owner” Can Spell Doom for Your Home" and what makes a sale more difficult when owners attempt to do it themselves?.

Selling Your Home Is One Of Life's Biggest Transactions

Selling a home is likely the largest transaction real estate sellers will ever make. Look at it and handle it as a business decision.

Get all your Minneapolis, St Paul, and surrounding area real estate research done right here, with Home Destination. Jenna Thuening helps make navigating the real estate world as easy as possible for you — you'll see that on Home Destination's site, and you'll know that in our full real estate service.

Minneapolis Real Estate Sellers

Once hired, Home Destination is able to get most new Minneapolis real estate listings on the market within 24 hours. We service our clients with thorough and quality representation, excellent photos, and the best in today's Internet presence. Our commitment is to work with you to get your home sold quickly and for the most money possible. Today’s real estate market and foreclosure climate may be challenging, but together we will meet that challenge head on and achieve your success!

As a Sellers Agent, Jenna Thuening Serves Her Clients beginning with:

Seller Agent help you sell your home by bringing perspective buyers Preparing all your marketing materials.

Seller Agent help you sell your home by bringing perspective buyers From her deep industry connections, Jenna will bring you perspective buyers.

Seller Agent help you show your home Putting security in place. Showing your home with strangers includes taking adequate precautions.

Seller Agent help you show your home Show your home in a comfortable well-informed manner.

Seller Agent help you by handling the house sale process Home Destination will handle the house sale process for you.

Seller Agent help you by handling the house sale process Home Destination will handle your home closing process. There is a lot that goes along with this process and having someone to help guide you through all of the steps is very helpful.

Home Seller Return on Staging Dollars

Today's home sellers don't have to spend as much money as needed in previous years; however, homes sell better when they look as appealing as possible. As a gage, sellers planning to enhance their listing by spend $2,000 on correct staging, may well make back 10-times the money spent on it.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 1 Click here to view Home Destination'sTips on how to sell your home and gain top dollar

credit report Get a copy of your credit report and correct any errors.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 3 Reduce your consumer debt - pay down credit card balances.

Before you sell your home be sure you are qualified to buy another Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan; begin by using our mortgage worksheet. Before you sell your home be sure you are qualified to buy another.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 5 Find out what your home or property is worth. Contact Jenna Thuening at612-396-7832 for a free estimate.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 6 Make Necessary Repairs. Our agents will be happy to make suggestions as well. Jenna Thuening's outstanding real estate expertise will assist you in making decisions as to what may and may not be a reasonable time and money investment to sell. The better prepared your home is, the quicker your house may sell.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 7 Get your House Ready to Show. Home Destination offers you low cost tips to help you prepare your home. Read the latest top preparation tips on our Real Estate Blog.

Preparations for selling your home Tip 8 Home Destination will help you prepare to show your home to prospective Twin Cities buyers. The more informed you are as to recent sold properties in your neighborhood and other current comparative listing, the better you can make a selling decision on incoming offers.

Sellers Make Their Home Appealing To Home Buyers

Home Destination takes the "Big Picture" approach. We will help you make your home more attractive to buyers in such a way to get the best price for all parties concerned. Read our home renovation tips for ideas on how to best prepare your home for selling. We recommend that you begin by understanding housing economic indicators.

One of the greatest services Home Destination offers you is a free, no cost, no obligation, meeting to discuss and suggest various areas of the cities that can meet your needs. As a professional Realtor® , Jenna Thuening spends hours each week going into homes in different neighborhoods, talking to the owners and finding out what they like and don’t like about their communities and you can have this experience for free. Call me or fill out and send the email form, and I will set up a time to meet with you as soon as possible.

If you would like a Seller’s Consultation, contact Jenna Thuening at Home Destination. We help real estate sellers sell Twin Cities homes fast. Call 612-396-7832.