Design Trends For Outdoor Entertaining At Home for Summer 2013

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Outdoor Entertaining At Home During Summer Months That Guests Will Love: Making the most of your Twin Cities home during summer months includes the pleasures of outdoor entertaining and sharing special times with family and friends. Moving tips when you have a pet

Outdoor living is extended in cooler weather conditions with a small space heater, an assortment of candles, and the warmth of good company. Entertaining and dining pleasures can be had outdoors for three of our four Minnesota seasons while adding to the the property value of a Twin Cities home.

Gazebos, porches, decks, flagstone courtyard, and outdoor walled rooms offer a great spot to relax, entertain company or even create a focal point in the backyard. Consider which one could be the perfect garden project for you. More outdoor amenities for entertaining are squeezing into smaller lots, according to the American Institue of Architects (AIA). Twin Cities "households continue to invest in their properties both by adding to their outdoor living areas and by blending indoor and outdoor space", according to the 2013 Home Design Trends Survey findings.

Enjoy Summer Days By Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

1. Create A Flagstone Courtyard

Transform an unused section of your landscape or driveway into an inviting flagstone courtyard. Stone pavers come in nearly every shade imaginable to match your home's siding or exterior color of paint. By using living green "mortar" an new outdoor living space will be born.

During the planning stage, consider that if you lay the flagstone on a gravel and sand bed with the joints filled with sand, table and chairs legs may get stuck in them. By using mortar for the courtyard, for entertainment purposes, tabled and chair legs will rest on an even surface and it will be easier to roll out a serving tray. Mortar also help protect chipping the edges of the flagstones and thereby will extend the life of the patio.

Moving tips when you have a pet2. Canopy Picnic On The Go

You can create your own picnic area anywhere in your yard by simply securing four poles in the ground and drape your favorite fabric over them. By doing so, you can create instant shade from summer sunshine they may take the refreshing cool of your summer salads and iced drinks. Prepare for your next backyard party by using clothes pins or tent pins to secure lines that run from the pole tops to the lawn.

3. Creating an Outdoor Room With Walls

Outdoor living spaces can be created by making a walled-in retreat area. A custom fence can extend the side of an existing out-building, adding an intimate outdoor room. You could go a step further and add an arbor-topped gate to introduce the walled-in area: which will grant the ambiance of an outdoor room for you and your guests to enjoy.

Or use rock walls to create a second home outdoors. Low rock walls can be used to define an outdoor dining area, a stone fireplace for campfires and / or an outdoor living room. Twenty inches high is used by many as the standard height for walls that are intended to additionally offer extra sitting. It is easy to find native stone that can be found naturally all around the property, extends seamlessly from interior walls to exterior walls, as do the pebbles at the edge of the floor.

4. Building A Gazebo To Entertain Outdoors

A backyard gazebo is the perfect out door room for parties, entertaining friends, family times and other social gatherings. Whether you're looking for a sunny respite or a oasis to entertain or just want to sit back and absorb a beautiful day, a gazebo is all about creating a fun inviting space. A backyard gazebo is the perfect spot for parties and other social gatherings. Twin Cities home supply shores offer gazebo kit which make the construction much easier and faster.

5. A Patio Built for Outdoor Entertaining

More than one-third of home buyers want a patio or a space level terraced with the ground, while 21 percent desire a deck constructed above the ground, according to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®' "Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences." Think of your home's interior and mirror your style onto the deck or patio. You can easily make it an extension of your home's interior by repeating the floor pattern, color choices, or an architectural feature.

Choose your patio's seating with a view of what offers flexibility to open up options for moving the seating around. Envision how guests will best move to and from the dining and lounging areas for a more casual, intimate environment. For adding music install speakers around your outdoor entertaining areas to add to the ambiance. Options abound for high-tech sound and lighting systems for full-features comforts and pleasures of indoor entertainment outside. Read more about Minneapolis home patio design tends.

6. Walking Paths That Connect Outdoor Living Spaces

Make it easy for your guests to walk from the home's interior to your new outdoor living space by connecting them and facilitating the traffic flow with waling paths. Drainage is also a pertinent question when you add a patio or a walkway. Be sure to miss installing a paved brick patio only later to notice that water puddles on the bricks or in a low spot near the patio. An uninvited mud pit in your yard is a poor result for all your efforts.

7. Front Porch Entertaining

The summer months bring family, friends and neighborhoods together with the warmer weather to enjoy pretty backyards, cookouts, pool parties, and more. The summer months are usually when reunions and outings are planned, and just the right time for relaxing on the front porch, and enjoying a casual dinner under the stars. Porches are ideal outdoor entertaining spaces for inviting friends and neighbors over to enjoy wine and dining. How about hosting a neighborhood party on your porch?

Minnesota homeowenrs generally find it is better to provide too many ways to warm up than too few! Add independent space heaters; place them near seating or dining areas for ultimate where guest are most likely to appreciate them. Traditionally back yards are the focal point for designing outdoor home paradises. However younger home owners are preferring the front of their home. "They want to have neighbors, and they want to get to know them by sitting on the front porch. Even in their landscaping, they’re paying much more attention to authenticity," says Maxine Lauer, founder and CEO of Sphere Trending, a firm studying consumer and design trends.

8. Outdoor Kitchens Are Perfect For Entertaining

Custom outdoor kitchens open up all kinds of enjoyable entertaining opportunities. Homeowners can choose from gourmet pizza ovens, custom wet bars, built-in fireplaces, side burners, outdoor smokers, warming drawers and roasting spits for grilling your favorite foods. Decide on a location of your outdoor kitchen, and determine the entertaining, living, and cooking work-flow that fits your home. An outdoor kitchen build or remodel can be a major home improvement and merits the insights of a professional designer.

Most outdoor kitchens are built near the main house. This allows for the easy access of the existing kitchen for the easy of transporting food and serving dishes to the outdoor cooking and dining area. Natural stone is a stunning trend in kitchen remodels, whether inside or out, adding natural stone in your outdoor kitchen will help is sell, especially sought after by Twin Cities buyers seeking luxury homes.

"The dividing line between indoor and outdoor living spaces is fading, and homeowners are looking for ways to make their outside environment as useful and comfortable as the inside of their homes. The trend is driving an evolution in deck styles and materials, with new designs emphasizing livability as much as durability." ~ Chris Camfferman, senior product manager with Universal Forest Products

To get the greatest enjoyment and best return on dollars invested in garden projects, home owners should study examples in design publications, drive through favorite neighborhoods to glean ideas, and ask neighbors pertinent questions. Think through just how the new outdoor living space could be used, when, and what activities will take place there.

"With steady demand for design work in all major nonresidential building categories, the construction sector seems to be stabilizing. Threats to a sustained recovery include construction costs and labor availability, inability to access financing for real estate projects, and possible adverse effects in the coming months from sequestration and the looming federal debt ceiling debate." ~ AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Bake

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