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how to organize a laundry room for buyers preferencesHome Destination Offers Tips On How To Better Organize Your Laundry Room And Prepare It For Home Buyer Preferences - A Laundry Room Homeowner's Will Love

Dedicated, well-organized laundry rooms are hot on home buyer desires and wish lists. 2013's annual survey titled, "What Buyers Really Want" had new twists; 93 percent of home buyers indicated they want a laundry room full of storage for gaining a better organized home.

A surprising 57 percent consider it essential and would be unlikely to buy a home without a dedicated laundry room. Then, even more surprising, in the results of Better Homes & Gardens' annual survey released February 2015, Millennial generation home shoppers indicate that what a dedicate laundry room in the home they plan to purchase. The minimalist look is growing and a home that makes everyday life easier and fast for coming and going is in demand.

Helping Sellers And Investors Anticipate What Buyer And Occupants Want

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) annual survey helps home sellers better anticipate what today's home buyers are looking for. Also, for real estate investors seeking to buy, renovate and rent out a home for additional income, it is good to know what a rental occupant may want. When real estate sellers have an efficient, well-organized and attractive laundry room, the invested time and dollars will pay dividends at closing.

It is helpful to hire a professional to design a laundry room addition or renovation. By working with a pro, together you will find it an investment very well spent. A design consultation doesn't have to be expensive. Understanding hook-ups, electrical outlets, excellent plumbing, adding storage with doors that open the best direction, and so forth, are all a part of the planning stage.

If planning to sell your home, a laundry room will benefit from a little makeover to help “stage” your home for future potential buyers. Read our great tips on things to do when preparing a home to sell.


Twin Cities home buyers want a laundry room full of storage. Learn how to organize a laundry for stronger homebuyer appeal.

10 Tips for a Well-Organized Laundry Roomhow to organize a laundry room for buyers preferences

1. Paint Your Laundry Room Something Cheerful

Paint for a clean fresh look, just like the laundry will be "fresh and clean". Laundry rooms are taking on more of their own character with today's demands for efficiency.

Choose a paint color that brightens the task just by entering the room. If your laundry room has a sink area with a backsplash, coordinate your paint's color for a designed look that carries throughout the house. While functionality is first, there is little reason to keep a laundry room mundane.

2. Ensure Clothes Washers Have Proper Drainage

Check behind and under laundry room appliances for escaping lint and excess detergent spills in odd places. Be ever on the alert for and water damage. If in doubt, there are fantastic utility trays that are meant to be placed under the clothes washer - just in case. A washer has proper drainage to avoid leaks will save untold expenditures in potential water damage. Appliance hoses should be wrapped and tucked out of sight.

3.Organized Storage Bins Means The Work Is Sooner Done

Laundry rooms are no longer strictly utility; they are dressed up and cheerful. It is easier to stay on top of the laundry with generously sized laundry bins that close, to keep dirty laundry organized and out of sight. The simplest versions of bins hold a load or two and have handles and removable totes. The more elaborate laundry rooms are stocked with storage bins equipped with supply shelves and cross bars for hanging shirts. Buyers who attending a home showing are not interested in seeing dirty clothes stacked in a corner or even clean ones waiting to be folded. Utilize good storage bins to keep the laundry room neat and tidy.

4. Invest In Canvas Laundry Sorters And Laundry Baskets

It only takes a little effort in comparison to what a homeowner gains by becoming more organized. The time is well spent. A laundry room can be easily transformed by purchasing storage items like labeled canvas bins and baskets. Have one for darks and one for whites. Or have separate labeled bins for cold, medium, and hot washes. Running loads of laundry through the washer and dryer cycles will be quicker with pre-sorted routines in place. A well-organized home is one that buyers will appreciate as the visual effect of seeing detergent bottles, scrubbing brushes, and piles of laundry simply isn't engaging. Presenting the idea of a room prepared to maximize efficiently is appealing. A canvas laundry bin is a big step up from the common plastic basket; some even borrow their designs from modern-day boutique hotels. Many come with swivel caster wheels making it super easy to tote laundry from one room to another on the same level.

5. De-clutter With Wall Shelving And Cupboards

laundry storage binsDe-Cluttering is the foremost order of tasks when staging any home before selling. Laundry rooms are not meant to become a "catch-all" space. Keep items in the laundry room that help with that clean, folded or ironed, pressed and ready to go feeling. Items that will need shelving are likely to include: laundry detergent, spot cleaners, lint rollers, a drying rack, household cleaners, iron, ironing board and the like.

Be generous when removing everything that hasn’t been used in the past 6 months. Clothing that becomes stubbornly stained, are generally not worth hanging on to in hopes of a new stain remover that will make a magical difference. Toss it or share it, but don't let it become clutter. Pet food, old paint cans, odd sport paraphernalia only add clutter and don't belong in a tidy laundry room.

6. Add A Table On Wheels For Portability

A well-organized laundry room is a space that shouldn’t be overlooked when staging a home to wow potential buyers. If space permits, adding a table on wheels for folding laundry and easy probability will quickly prove to be a definite plus. The home is becoming more of a personal space to get things done efficiently to gain more time to relax. If the laundry room is well organized, it simplifies routine chores and gives a sense of order to a prospective real estate buyer.

7. Install Quality Lighting

A bright, well-lit laundry room means a greater chance to check and treat clothing for stains before they set in, assess repair needs, or find a stray bottom that came of a shirt in the washer. If ironing is set up in the laundry room, being well-lit is vital to press correctly and avoid any burning. A qualified local electrician is the best individual to install laundry room lighting. Track lighting is a great option as it allows you to make adjustments as needed.

8. Install A Place To Hang Clothes

If space behind a door permits, a door mounted Instahanger is a nice way to hang dry an item, or to keep an item of clothing from getting wrinkled after being freshly ironed. Or install a hanging clothes bar above your laundry room appliances, or between cupboards to hang shirts and skirts as they come directly out of the clothes dryer. Many fabrics need little or no ironing if hung immediately. Or simply skip the clothes dryer and hand delicate to dry on their own. Hiring a handyman or engaging simple home improvement skills will help you get an organized laundry room in no time.

9. Flat Counter Space

One of the best investments in a laundry room is the addition of a flat surface for sorting, folding and stacking laundry. Given the right room proportions, a wall mounted counter at counter height (36") will be both multi-functional and is easy to spot as a selling point by a buyer. It creates a perfect place for sorting baskets to be stored under the counter where they are neatly out of the way. Some home designers incorporate a counter top directly above appliances. It makes it super easy to pull out the freshly cleaned laundry and fold it directly on the top above.

10. Update To Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Wise Clothes Washer And Dryer - Energy efficiency was a top request, as homeowners are more green conscious and are seeking to streamline utility bills. Your laundry room is a great place to begin your green home remodeling projects. Green energy-efficient washers also extract more water from each load, shortening drying time. That saves energy and money off homeowner's energy utility bills.

Other Storage Spaces Home Buyers Want For An Organized Home

* Nine out of ten buyers want a linen closet in the bathroom to help keep towels and toiletries organized.

* Storage space in the garage to organize bikes, sports equipment, or gardening tools also ranks high on the buyers’ wish list

* 85 percent of home buyers want a home with a kitchen walk-in pantry.

Read the full articles details on Minneapolis green home remodeling trends for 2013. Jenna Thuening is an expert at anticipating what home buyers want and is always current on Twin Cities housing trends.

"Fun laundry room fact: The average American family washes 300 loads of laundry a year, spending about 68 cents per load, for a yearly total of $204. Most laundry room expenses come from heating water for washing and heating air for drying. But these costs aren’t set in stone, and you can save money by following these energy-reducing tips." HouseLogic

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